11 Dec 2006

New release is online

This one contains some new features:

  1. Ability to observe, examine and, almost, play :) Bughouse/Crazyhouse games. Jin just couldn't even start a B or zh game. Moves are displayed in moves' table. If you need you can drop piece on the board using Main Console. Just Q@a5.

  2. Dropped pieces are highlighted on the board.

  3. You don't have to worry about special signs in you language. You can type them - you won't get disconnected because Tonic will convert them to normal signs.

  4. Plain tab is present in Channels Tab.

Not too much as I don't have too much spare time these days.

I have to admit I didn't have enough energy to finish a panel displaying available pieces for dropping when playing Bughouse game, but it is high on my to do lisst. Anyway I hope you find some of the features in Tonic useful. Enjoy!

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