30 May 2007

Wow! Yahoo Mail bugs

Sometime ago I've heard about new and shiny Yahoo Mail and I couldn't resist to try it. It sure looks nice, I haven't yet got deep into it, but I've encountered bugs. Just two frankly or maybe one and a half - I'm not sure whether one of them isn't in SourceForge mailing lists configuration. Numero uno - Yahoo Mail doesn't recognize posts from SourceForge mailing list - it replies to the sender to the list so I have to work around with 'reply to all' and manually delete the wrong e-mail. Numero duo:

Hm... I hope you've spotted the bug, have you? Have you seen it anywhere else then Yahoo Mail? I'd like to check the search feature of this Y!Mail - I know that someone had problem with GMail search feature. I'd had to use it more to confirm or deny, but I have a feeling it also once failed me.

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