10 Aug 2007

Good news about JetBrains Omea

If you know JetBrains Omea Pro, you know that it was anounced to be open sourced a long time ago. After months of silence from JetBrains today I've read a news post on the jetbrains.omea.pro news list that finalizing open sourcing Omea now is a matter of time. Yay!

When I look at Omea I come to the sad conclusion that I have yet to find such a nice and useful tool in the Java realm. Maybe you could point me to some software that at least tries to be what Omea is? In fact some of the Omea's users as annoyed as they could be by the lack of feedback from JetBrains about Omea's future and yet couldn't just turn around to it.

Hopefully open sourcing Omea will bring new quality to this wonderfull tool.

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