16 Oct 2007


When I listened to one of java posse episode, one of the members pointed out that SavaJe is an anagram of JavaSE. So now you know. I am not a superb observant person and Adobe marketing is pretty much smart.

And not only marketing. AIR allows quite smooth transition from web developer space to desktop. How else would you describe ability to write desktop apps in html + javascript mix? And for more advanced solutions you can also use Flex and Flash. I've tried kuler desktop app and it is OK. But it is just one of many. Adobe also renewed its developer oriented site - Adobe Developer Connection. There is very interesting article about eBay desktop development and lots of other content. Adobe engineers prepared AIR extensions for Dreamweaver and Flash, no to mention Flex SDK and Builder 3 that have AIR support built-in.

Apart from those known for some time technologies and programs Adobe is working on AIF and Thermo. Respectively to bring fast image operations to Flash and build a bridge tool between designers and developer just like Microsoft touts its Expression Blend 2 software.

So, all of this shows, that Adobe pumped some fresh air in the RIA space :). And is surely aiming at the second target - designers: check!, now let's move on those developers... ;). Certainly Adobe gives its competitors good hard time.

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