15 Dec 2008

Am I alone there? JavaFX media playback problem

The wait is over. Let the wait for next version begin! 

As said in This Ain't Yours' Dad's Java podcast good folks at Sun worked very hard to get 1.0 out. Now they have lot's of feedback (good and bad, but hearing in Java Posse #221 people cheering JavaFX and Joe Nuxoll's warm word about it at Devoxx conf shows that Sun's done good job).

For me JavaFX isn't painless experience - and I am not talking from developer perspective - I haven't yet coded any JavaFX - when I tried to run any JavaFX sample involving media all I got was java.exe crash. At first I thought it was problem with my system so tried to reinstall everything what could be fault: DirectX, SP3, codecs. No luck. So I filled bug report at JavaFX issue tracker with id RT-2530.

Surprisingly I haven't yet seen any votes or have found similar stories. Some people were getting UnsupportedMediaExceptions, but no crashes apart from vague "it's crashing firefox".  If you have similar problems to mine please vote! You should first register which is free and easy.

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