25 Feb 2009

NetBeans Nimbus kumbaya

I am happy to see Nimbus related NetBeans' bugs are hunted and some of the squashed already.Here is a link to umbrella bug report for Nimbus uglinesses and glitches in NetBeans. For those that won't follow a link - this bug depend on 23 issues of which 7 are opened as I am writing this post. All fixes, except one related to NetBeans not adjusting font size through --fontsize option, are scheduled for 6.7 release. Thank you NetBeans' developers.

The ugly tabs are gone. Me likey! Screenshot is from build 200902231401.
I'd like to see module that would allow to change colors of Nimbus, but is it even possible to do it at runtime? Blue is sad and cold. Good for super hot summer though :).

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