17 Oct 2009

Even less time ahead

Hello, as you can see I've been quiet for long time now. It's mainly due to me not finding motivation to write anything although so much have happened in "IT world" and I was/am excited by several things. I guess I had a feeling that my weblog is useless for me and for everyone else and what I have to say isn't that important, maybe it is this way, but I still can have my say. And I will. So I shall write. About Open Company, about E text editor, about JavaFX, about IntelliJ IDEA, about good and bad ui, about Flash Catalyst, about ... And I will have fun doing it. I hope you, my dear reader, will have some fun too and sometimes will find some useful information while reading my blog.

I'm getting nostalgic and emotional, but please forgive me - my wife born a son two days ago. We are all healthy and happy. I'll try hard to find moments for writing :).

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