1 May 2011

Touched Tonic's code

It's been a long time I've touched anything related to Tonic.

Today I've moved code from Sourceforge's subversion to kenai's Git repository. I've chosen Kenai because of their Jira instance. I really like Jira's look and feel and out of so many bugtrackers it suits me best. I've chosen Git because I'd like to give someone an option to clone Tonic's code easily and I'd like to learn Git more. I use it to store my Vim config and plugins (those are kept as submodules +branches for my little additions to snipmate snippets) on Gitorious. Git seems to be complicated, but there's a lot of answered questions about Git on Stackoverflow and thanks to lots of smart and knowledgeable people I can handle it for my simple needs and I sometimes even enjoy it.

I've got some simple ideas for Tonic. I want it to be smaller for download, change some of icons, have nicer ui (better layout, replace table showing moves with list), work on the bughouse support, make it friendlier to Linux directory structure.

[Edit 03.05.2011] I've forgotten to mention two posts that helped me migrate from subversion to Git:
Big thanks to authors!

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