14 Jan 2007

Freshmeat efect

One day when I checked Google Analytics page for this blog I first thought I had clicked wrong link. From abysmal few visits a day to somehow less abysmal :) 63. Well, and most of this comes from freshmeat.net. Anyone who wants to get some attention to its open sourced project should consider submitting to freshmeat.net.

I have been using Google Analytics for www.tonic-chess.blogspot.com just for a couple of days and I wonder why there is no referral statistics from sourceforge.net project site...

And about freshmeat.net it is a good place to promote your project and aside of that seeing this effect in visits:
And it makes you really want to release early, release often. You know, I just don't have time - I have to write this blog and read so many others ;)! Is addictive reading blogs makes me competent to go for blog aggregator? I think there is more to blogging then writing :). Anyway, I recommend reading this post regarding blogoboom (if you are lazy just go for number 4) on Chat Haase blog (sic!). This human being is really a humor beast.

And btw, anybody has some spare time to giva away? ... thought so.

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