12 Jan 2007

It's unfair ;), but it is ok nevertheless

I cannot find any time to develop Tonic. I cannot even find time to play a chess game or two :(... Ok, I have some time in the morning to play on Tibia server, but it is just 15 minutes... Maybe this weekend I'll find some time to test my new component for Bughouse. I have to admit that code for laying out component in the chessboard window is rather hard to read for me - Jin/Tonic doesn't use any layout manager there, instead the position and appearance of components are controlled "manually" - you should see the code to understand. One more thing I'd like to change.

On the bright side other developer of free chess software have more time - there is a 5th beta release of pychess, completly refreshed eboard is out and author states he wants to release often. glChess is alive and kicking too. Good for them! I just wish I had more time.

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