26 Mar 2007

Video-killed-the-radio-star case

It might be surprising, but I won't boast my new dialog login design for Tonic this time - I haven't got enough 'power' to create it yet, but I decided to take a look at NetBeans site since Eclipse 3.3M6 hit the mirror last Sunday and I thought it would be nice to see if coincidences happen in IDE's wars. They do - but you have to forgive release engineers not being as fast as content writers. M8 will happen soon. BTW, when reading this wiki a had feeling I saw requests about features showed, but I could swear the url had nothing to do with NetBeans :). Maybe I was tired? ;) Anyway, I decided to take a look at NetBeans plugins and as I know NetBeans 6.0 milestones hadn't sophisticated refactoring capabilities due to new editor introduction I decided to look for refactoring solutions and I found RefactorIT.

Even though some people at some companies didn't know it for a long time[1] refactoring is a feature that good IDE cannot miss - it is in the bussiness too long and is soo useful. Even I, forbid humbleness, use it from time to time. And it shows that it is a area were IDEs do compete - there are many refactorings provided out-of-box by then so plugins providing refactorings are losing ground. Just like RefactorIT. Correct me if I'm wrong, but seeing last news item (about release) from 2005 I concluded RefactorIT is no longer developed. But I am a curious person and wanted to see flash demo they are still providing. And watching it I saw it:

Hm. Quite a borderfull dialog isn't? I will post something explaining why I showed you this some time soon (I believe). BTW, I liked the demo.
[1] I mean VS 2005 was released after IntelliJ IDEA 5, Eclipse 3.0.

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