23 Apr 2007

Lack of time is notorious friend of mine

My time is consumed mainly by arranging our new flat. It takes awful lot of time :).

So anyway, last time I presented you a screenshot from NetBeans' plugin that I believe has been abondoned due to high quality built-in refactorings provided in Java IDE's. I said it was borderfull. So there were three levels of border, something like a dozen unnecessary IMHO lines. I mean what do they add to this very design? Sure they sometimes help to organize controls through making 'field of funconality', but this dialog is divided in fields by using JScrollPanes. Why add noise with borders? Other than that there is just one thing that annoys me a little bit. In the 'Target class' pane in list 'Probable target classes' string shouldn't touch border (again! :)) of the scroll pane. It creates tension and steals attention of the eye. Eye mind you, not attention of the user although it distracts her for sure. So let it be RefactorIT dialog redone my way!

As much as Ocean look and feel is fontwise crippled for me this dialog looks simple enough. The worst thing here is tension created by 'Resolve' and 'Ok' button. And of course it should state 'OK' (like on Plastic3D look and feel) ;). I didn't wanted to place 'Resolve' button in one row with 'standard' buttons - they differ in functionality a lot.

And on the side note - I won 25$ for filling OSTG survey :)! Hopefully I will have more time for Tonic soon. Otherwise I forgot how to code.

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