8 Nov 2007

My vote clarification

In previous post I decided to vote for Java for OSX the way I saw suggested on the JavaLobby, but I'd like to say that I don't think not having Java 6 on the MacOS X right now is a good reason to be scared by Java future on this platform. I know, and you can check here that waiting for Java 6 might take some time.

On the other hand just waiting patiently is not enough. What worries me the most is Apple's attitude to developers. Their silence is really annoying for many people. Secrecy might be good for projects involving some cool new changing industry hardware, but for implementing JVM? Come on! I don't get it why Apple just can't say "You all act like a bunch of. Of course Java 6 is coming for Leopard!". Instead Apple is acting like a stubborn kid that is afraid of telling anyone what is he doing for some insane reason.

So for me the problem isn't really the lack of Java 6 on Leopard. It is the Apple secrecy policy that make some people pretty worried. If you would like to move to Java 6 and you'd known that your users use Macs what questions would you ask? My take:
  1. Will there be Java 6 on the Mac?
  2. When will there be Java 6 on the Mac?
  3. Will Java 6 on the Mac run on older hardware, on PowerPC or will it be Intel only?
Apple answers: no comments... Is this answer encouraging further investment in switching to Java 6? Is it satisfying? What did you get from the answers? How do you feel as a customer of Apple?

I think Java 6 on Mac OS X will be a decent, well implemented and performing platform. Will it make the bad taste go away? No comments...

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