11 Dec 2007

Death of e-zealotery

It is so human to allow yourself a little bit of bias, unjust judgment, close your eyes and open your mouth to only say 'it's my way or highway'. How many more time shall we see post about this and that being death chicken not realizing its head being chopped of its rotten body?

We need some heat, those unfair opinion and numbers taken from the sky, performance measures giving us pure bullshit facts are motivations to clarify, explain and develop. Man, I am lazy and I write seldom, but you see I just can't stand when someone misses the fact train and goes on the bias side. Give me flames so they can burn my laziness :)!

Of course the linked post is in many points right - I especially would like to see delta patches for Java and better modularity, but I'd also like to see those for other software like that developed using Eclipse RCP. I think it is not just a matter of some developer lazy decision - KISS I guess played its role here. About the patches for Solaris. My guess is that Sun's engineers wanted to make sure every patch is installed. The implementation is quite funky, but the goals is met. And I don't think it is big issue for admins in military area or any other high profile deployment. Well, one have to remember that Java and Solaris just only entered desktop market. Both are still looking for solutions to problems meet on the field of end customer shiny desktop :). Project Indiana and Java 6 Update N are still quite young projects.

So anyway, I am more relaxed when I publish this post when I was when I had written it. I guess it is still worth to express my feelings and share my look at some issues.

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