23 Feb 2008

Pulp entertainment with a smell of Java

For some time I've been visiting one website to kill some time. I'd like to share with you my impressions about Milpa.

It is a logic game. Quite addictive, not only for me - after the game you can see your placing on the high score list. I guess scores are kept for one day. When my play is weak I get to around 1000, so there is quite a lot of people playing Milpa everyday. No wonder! Art is nice and simple, so are sounds and animation. Game play is equally good.

If you tried the game you should probably know it is a Java applet. Of course I am not the first who wanted to share his experience about Milpa. Very addictive browser game is a better title for writing about it, that's for sure. One thing that struck me when I read linked web log entry was that its author thought it was Flash game. And not even one mention it loads too long, or puts browser into freeze.

Author of the game, David Brackeen created pulpcore open source framework, which Milpa is founded on. Pulpcore news feed indicates there are some people involved in making it better. Maybe you'll find it worthwhile to check it?

Cheers and don't give the skull a chance to eat your vegetables ;)!


  1. I had the good fortune of not having to wait too long or experience a freeze while playing Milpa.

    To give a confusing explanation as to why I thought it was a flash game, the story starts with Ubuntu.

    At the time when I discovered the game (actually my girlfriend showed it to me, and after my initial discount at the simplicity of the game, I realized how addictive it really is) I was running Ubuntu off of a live CD, due to some major issues with my hard drive. I had found, during this time, that it was a heck of a lot easier to get flash up and running while using only ram to run my computer than it was to get java going.

    Consequently, all of the games I played during that time were flash, with a few exceptions when I had the patience to get java enabled in the browser.

    As you might be able to tell by the amazingly high quality of the Milpa post, I sort of rushed out the entry and for the sake of brevity, didn't even think to fact check.

    Amusingly, you are the second person to call me on that, the first being the game creator, who chided me with friendly sarcasm in a forum discussion.

    Anywho, thanks for reading the blog :)

  2. I mentioned your mistake to show that user not always are frightened by a little waiting. As long as it's worthwhile, as Milpa is :).