16 Apr 2008

Enabling software assembling

Some time ago I wandered through Google results pages seeking for 'better sourceforge' (well, actually I was looking for 'sourceforge sucks'). I knew about Google open source hosting, JavaForge, Launchpad and several others, but I was looking for more mostly of curiosity. It was worthwhile - I've found Assembla. Nice place with very good free offering: they are giving 500MB for you space which might include wiki, svn, mercurial or git repository, assembla's or trac issue tracking software and some other useful tools enabling you to exchange ideas, knowledge and code easily. 

I like Assembla's team aim for introducing new and constantly improving tools (when I've stumbled at Assembla for the first time they offered only svn hosting, now there are mercurial and git to choose) and they constantly improve their own Tickets issue tracker

Assembla isn't a charity driven venture (but it is ad free site, not counting their offerings of course) - they have commercial hosting and service offering as well. If you want you can also write up nice profile; list all your skills and achievements and whatnot - Assembla enables staff or job finding also. 

Hopefully you will find Assembla useful. I have to say that I was surprised that there are so many people providing hosting for open source projects. I was even more surprised to see that one company from Poland was offering it. It is good to see that open source is getting support from all over the world :).  

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