24 Aug 2008

Some shiny spark from the Sun

As you can see I haven't written anything for some time. Well I've certainly read a few bits of information, opinions and rants... Forming some opinions which I hope to share. Someday.

Today, or tonight rather, reading of some post of Sun's employee (he is blogging on blogs.sun.com) made me sit to write once again. First of I've noticed his post about free midlet games. Free as in steal! I come from a country where when I say I don't play cracked games the eyes of people hearing this are huge as saucers of astonishment, but I am sure many of those people would be as astonished seeing this kind of post on the blog on the corporate server. I don't think that this makes any good for Sun. I am not sure if same goes for shameless FUD spreading about Android. At least I hope nobody is believing uncertain and doubtful in the post about problems surrounding Android adoption - such as any new (or not so new too) technology on Earth!

What really saddens me is that those posts apeared on the java mobile and embedded community site. I've find it quite unfortunate that such a low value posts can find their way to such a prominent place.

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