24 May 2008

7 years old bug nimbly squashed?

When I've read that 24th build of Java 6 update 10 (aka Consumer JRE) is out I decided to see how will Tonic look in Nimbus Look and Feel. I checked it few time earlier and it didn't look good - at first try I couldn't even run Tonic under Nimbus, second time it was better, but not good enough - internal frames' icons were to big and combo boxes were to small. But one thing remained the same.

Could anyone tell me if this Nimbus' look of text pane (it is all black in other lafs) is a solution to Background attribute in JTextPane is not resolved to the parent style bug?

Anyway, Nimbus looks good and is shaping nicely although I've noticed there is a 1 pixel shift between button and combo box in the UI on the screenshot (if you think I am silly to mention 1 pixel shift, you should read from someone more respected - JGoodies creator's presentation (slides 46-53)). Surely there will be a lot of work done by Java 6 update 10 final release.

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