5 Jul 2006

Being lazy?

Have you noticed that you can stay in touch with Tonic related stuff using news aggregator? Here is the list for project's news and for this site you have Site feed entry in Links section.

For the next release I plan to fix the bug in Channels Manager I wrote about in last post. I also would like to add a popup menu for tabs. I've noticed that there is some problem with readability in Sought Graph. When Sought Graph's window is small time control types are too small to be read. Well, these are all small changes, but I plan to add something bigger. Maybe not in the next release, but... I think about bughouse/crazyhouse support. I've been looking at the code and tinkering how to do it and I have some ideas. I hope to test them next week. If you have any feature request or bug submission do not hesitate to use sourceforge Tonic's project site sections.

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