20 Jul 2006

New bridge on a way to real Tonic

I hope you all welcome this new bridge. I know I've said it already, but this time I'm pretty sure Channels Manager works as expected. And not only that. Now you can:

1.Remove channels by closing corresponding tabs.
closeable tabs

If you aren't in a need to practice mouse sharpshooting (for some close icon might be a problem - it is in a small area and thus likely to be incidentally clicked) you can:
2.Set off closeable tabs for Channels Manager and also in the same dialog 3.Set Channels Manager to display timestamp at every tell.
preferences for channels manager

4.You can still close tabs with popup menu (under mouse right button).
popup user friend

5.And the other option is to use this dialog. Just remember to put '-' in front of number of channels you want to remove. Type all numbers of channels you want add/remove and hit enter.
channels add/remove dialog

6. Channels Manager is not the only one part of Tonic that got mine attention. You can set initial size for new consoles in Main Console preferences panel. Note that if you've created a new console window it will hold values when it was last shown. This preferences is only for enteirly new consoles - like the ones you create when first chatting with user.
new console size

7. And one last little thing. Main Console window will now remember in which state you left new console panel. So you won't have to hide it every time you start Tonic (mine problem ;)).
good memory of main console

8. You can open new console for chatting from console popup menu. Just point your mouse over user's name and choose 'Talk with'.

I also managed to logon with Tonic to ICC. It wasn't possible with previous bridge releases. If you want to try it too you will have copy icc directories from Jin resource/pieceset and resource/boardset to corresponding Tonic directories. I didn't do it for release packages since I don't support ICC (for now).

NOTE: This release needs Java 1.5.0 to run.

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