24 Jul 2006


As I said before, one of three most wanted features for Tonic is Bughouse and Crazyhouse variants support. The good news is that now I can examine and play Bughouse/Crazyhouse games in Tonic, bad news - to drop pieces I have to still use console. The side effect of implementing Bug/Crazyhouse is one more feature for Tonic - it now recognizes what is the variant of examined game. I implemented it mainly because I wanted to easily test Bughouse support in Tonic ;), but I think many of user will find it useful to be able to examined diffrent sort of games with Tonic - earlier it was possible to examine through any game, even those that Tonic didn't support - this way I could see what was send from server when playing Bughouse games :). I'll wait with release untill I create ui for dropping pieces. I will commit changes to cvs asap. So, here is the teaser for now.

I got employed finally so I will now have less time for Tonic, but again I code a bit faster so you may even not notice a slowdown in development.

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