9 Feb 2007

Something really big ;)

Surely off-tonic, but not for long :).

Ok, so I am evaluating JavaHelp from https://javahelp.dev.java.net/ for using it in Tonic. I was looking through the user guide made with JavaHelp and I like, but the fonts were a little bit too little :) for me so I decided to change them. AndTHAT was shown. My, oh my. I got so surprised by this dialog horrible design that I wanted to check whether this is the latest version of JavaHelp. It appeared to me that the version from Sun's page has the same BUG ;). I am curious if Romain Guy or Chet Haase ever used JavaHelp. Looks like they didn't.

And to not just whine, but to whine more :) I sat for a couple of minutes and crafted a little alter ego of Mr. Jekuil with the fine IntelliJ IDEA gui designer.
I wanted to use the same components as in the JavaHelp font chooser, but I couldn't live with JComboBox for font size choosing so there's the spinner. If you want to take a look at better design font chooser you should watch IDEA gui designer demo and look for "Designing the form" part of presentation or you can go with Java WebStart demo from L2FProd.com.

This post was sponsored by letter H like 'horrible ui design' and G like 'google is you web search friend' ;).

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