13 Feb 2007

To buggy to not to bug

I just couldn't stand JavaHelp font chooser design not being a bug. I checked Sun bug database looking for a bug concerning it, but I didn't find any so I decided to give it a try and filled a report myself. When I was in the middle of doing it I wondered why there are so many badly designed Java apps. Is this problem really getting the attention it needs to be solve? And is it really that important to have a well ui-wise designed apps? Is it hard to scary user away with bad ui?

Let's look at the context.

1. Programming is hard, but there are hundreds of thousands developers out there and part of the is doing desktop application so at this very moment there are many desktop applications and there will be more.

2. There is a big information sea (and it is not a very clean sea :)) around us and the life keeps us running, we need to get information now and without a hassle so we will avoid situation when this is not possible.

3. Image says more then thousand words.

4. The presentation of data has a role in understanding it.

All of above is really trivial and well known, so why are there so many bad designed ui?

My solution: ask for well designed ui loudly! :)

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