20 Jun 2006

Back to Poznań

We've came back this Sunday. The long weekend was nice, but not always easy.

After some thinking I decided that colorful tabs for notifying about chatting events is not so good idea - some (read many) look and feels for Java doesn't honour changing background color. It is easier to notify user with icons. Nothing special I think, with one exception - when there is user's name in chat text diffrent icon will apear on the tab.
icons for chat events

One of the first things I'd wanted to change in Jin was the background of Seek graph. Well, in Tonic I still haven't changed the background image, but I've thought that it would be better to have information about seek in tooltip - it is not size dependant like in Jin. I know size does matter, but not everyone likes his seek graph taking one quater of screen, right?
tooltip for seek

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