23 Jun 2006

I thought it would be harder

Some time ago ryoshu from FICS asked me to add tabs for shouts in Channels Manager window. Well, know they are in place. I thought it would be harder.

I don't know if you find ability to have multiple console for chatting useful, but I find it so. Tonic is now capable of creating multiple consoles that can hold all kinds of tells from FICS (I am not implementing any new features for ICC - it is enough for me to learn Java and code goodies for FICS, but I am sure there is a way to change my mind). New consoles can be spiced up to your taste: you can choose from various types in drop down list with one being special - Custom console...
custom console
Choosing this item from list enables text field at the right when you can type what kind of tells new console will receive. It can be any of:

  • announcment,
  • channel-tell # (where # stands for channel number),
  • cshout (chess shouts),
  • ishout ("it" kind of shouts),
  • kibitz # (kibitzes, where # stands for game number),
  • ptell (partner tells),
  • qtell (bots tells),
  • say (opponent tells),
  • shout (normal shouts),
  • tshout (tourney shouts, I think it is ICC kind of tell, isn't?),
  • whisper # (whisper for the game number #).

multi chat console
I hope you will find this feature useful. If you have found any bugs or have feature request, questions etcetera please use tonic project site on sourceforge.net.

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