14 Jun 2006

Waiting is over, let the weekend begin!

So there is a tonic-chess on sourceforge.net. No content yet, but it is just a matter of time - I have to learn how to import sources to cvs and how to distribute builds. Today we (I am married, you know) are going north for long weekend. Tommorrow is free day for my wife, while I still haven't found a job.

But before I leave I want to show one more thing that I am devoloping for tonic - it is icon in the notification area.
icon in notification area

So there it is. For now I only tested it on Linux, but I will test on Windows as well. This feature was possible to implement thanks to JDIC (Java Desktop Integration Components) library and with Java 6 (aka Mustang) you can do it without any outside libraries, but I haven't tried that since Java 6 is far away from final release.

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