12 Jun 2006


Last Saturday I applied for a project on sourceforge.net for tonic - internet chess interface of mine. As it is based on Jin source code tonic is quite feature rich and I continue to add a useful IMHO features here and there. Small things as I am not a Java developer. For example I added a window with separate tabs for every channel, that changes colors (randomly for now) when new chat message is sent to specific channel.
colorfull tabs

Prefix supplier for easier chatting.
prefix for tells
I have almost forgotten to mention that tabs are channel list aware - i.e. if you type for example "+ch 67" tab for this channel will apear and when you remove channel corresponding tab will disapear. Of course there is plenty room for improvement (list of channels with descriptions for adding and removing, better way for notifing user about channel tells, more features for prefix supplier and whatever user may find useful and developer within his skill range).

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