25 Jun 2006

Thanks for the interest

I'd like to thank all ficsers that despite funky release name, quality warnings and not too informative file names they downloaded Tonic and tried it. mccrack tried to run on MacOS X and he reported it worked fine. On the other side of barricade maciejg run Tonic on Windows and he didn't encounter any severe problems. Just to ease running Tonic - main jar is tonic.jar in tonic's directory and you should start with java -jar tonic.jar command or double-click on it (depends on your platform).

By the way, I 've found two bugs: 1. User is not able to access board preferences panel from button on the board. 2. When user adds/removes channel from channel list, chat notification icons does not appear on the right tabs in Channels Manager window. The latter was solved just minutes ago. The former I leave myself for breakfast.

But before going to sleep I have one question: have you noticed two new buttons in board window?

flip and prefs

Unfortunatly the one with thick does not work as excpected (see bug 1. above), but you can still customize board through menu Preferences>Chess Board item. Second button does flip the board so now you examine your games from the right perspecitve.

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